About ReachCentrum

ReachCentrum was created in June 2006 by Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) to help companies all through the value chain to prepare and implement REACH and Biocides. As of May 22, 2015, ReachCentrum is owned by Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s leading sustainability consultancy. ReachCentrum remains a distinct legal entity and will continue to operate as such under this new ownership.

Our team is highly qualified to lead you through the business implications of REACH, CLP and Biocides legislation and processes. ReachCentrum specialists have years of experience dealing with the chemical industry. ReachCentrum’s professionals help businesses in the chemical industry navigate the process via their expert guidance and support. Beyond Europe, ReachCentrum is able to support Clients with respect to K-REACH and other REACH-like legislations in Asia.

We are happy to present our staff to you: