ChemDataSharing Chemical regulations are proliferating across the globe, often presenting businesses with similar data requirements, without addressing the challenge of access to existing information. 

ChemDataSharing offers a common solution for sharing studies across jurisdictions in a practical and efficient manner, also for administering financial compensation to the Data Owners. 

The Platform functionality allows users seeking access to substance studies (Lead Registrants, Only Representatives, etc.) to identify available data and its owners. It also facilitates the communication with respect to data specification, and streamlines the transactions involved. 

ChemDataSharing was set up by ReachCentrum, an ERM company, in 2016, as Data Brokerage Platform. It was subsequently refreshed in 2019, to better mirror the changing regulatory landscape.

Lately, in mid-2020 it went through a rebranding journey, reflecting the developments made to better serve users, and better representing the Platform’s actual purpose, content and offering.

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