Accredited Assessment Centre

ReachCentrum has been awarded as Authorized Assessment Centre by the Learning and Performance Institute, a global Institute for Learning & Development professionals.

What does Accredited Assessment Centre mean?

  • You  can  expect  to  receive  a  level  of  training  that  meets  the  standards  set  by  the  Learning  and Performance  Institute  in  the  UK
  • The  objectives  set  for  the  event  will be achievable
  • The  sessions  will be  interactive  and  engaging  in  order  to  ensure  participants  do  retain  the information  more  readily
  • ReachCentrum’s  own  trainers  and  other  colleagues  involved  in delivering  courses  are technically competent  to deliver  courses  as well as being   considered subject  matter experts
  • ReachCentrum  will  adhere  to the  professional Code  of  Practice  including  a  complaints  procedure  to  ensure  that  the  service provided  is  consistently of  a high quality

What does Accredited Assessment Centre mean to you?

  • All events offered by ReachCentrum will be of a consistently high level and quality to ensure that you acquire the knowledge and ability to carry out the work expected of  you
  • You should be able to measure the progress you are making during the event
  • You should realize you are learning by the questions you ask as well as the frequency and ease to respond to questions
  • You will receive the appropriate information and how to apply the knowledge back in your workplace
  • You can approach the Institute directly should the need arise if you have cause to complain about how ReachCentrum has handled your concerns

How does the Assessment work?

The assessment process provides framework for the evaluation of a trainer’s delivery performance and associated developmental activity, following a process that includes:

  • Preparation day to outline the core competencies to be observed
  • Trainers deliver in front of audience and assessors
  • Assessors observe against competencies, record and debrief
  • Assessors build a development programme to submit for the trainers
  • Assessors submit report to LPI
  • Trainers receive a certification if they fulfill the assessment
  • Maintenance with the assessors during the year

                                           "Being  awarded  Learning  and  Performance  Institute
                                                    Accreditation  is  a  great  achievement.
                                         LPI  Accreditation  epitomises  trust, integrity and quality."