Get a faster processing of your #REACH dossier

March 2018

ECHA encourages to submit your #REACH2018 registration dossier before the end of March to receive ECHA’s decision on your registration within 21 days.

If submissions are made in April or May, it may take up to three months to get ECHA’s decision. For dossiers submitted from 1 April onwards, it may take until the end of August 2018 to receive a decision. This longer period to check the completeness of submissions is set out in the REACH Regulation to give ECHA the necessary time to process the high number of registrations expected to arrive close to the 31 May 2018 deadline.

In addition, ECHA reminds that lead registrants should submit their dossiers early enough to allow time for the member registrants to submit their company-specific dossiers by the 31 May 2018 deadline. To support industry in these preparations, from 16 March onwards ECHA will keep the dossier submission and communication tool REACH-IT open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ReachCentrum has still resources to help companies both with registration and co-registration processes, via a programme, available at covering 4 simple steps:

•Inquiry Letter

•Letter of Access

•Dossier Preparation

•Dossier Application

Now more than ever, no registration means no market. Don't forget to send a request of quotation to [email protected].


Francesca Furlan

Marketing & Communications Manager

[email protected]