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ReachCentrum has moved!
Our new address is:
Cantersteen 47 
B-1000 Brussels 

T +32 2 897 0560

how to reach us

Train or metro

The office is immediately next to the Brussels Central Station. By metro, Central Station/Gare Centrale is one of the metro stops of lines 1 and 5.
From the Brussels airport, it takes about 20 minutes and is very convenient. You can find more information at the link below:

If you arrive at the Brussels South Station, you can take a train to the Brussels Central station (3 min train ride). Our office is located just behind the station. If you exit at the main entrance of the station (Europakruispunt), go up the Putterie Street, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn right to our office in the Central Gate Building.

You can always park your car at the Albertina Interparking parking, located at Stuiversstraat | Rue des Sols 3, 1000 Brussels.

Local hotels in the Brussels area