Biocidal products and the active substances they contain have to be considered in a regulatory process to establish safe use for humans and the environment, as well confirming efficacy against target organisms. ReachCentrum and its parent company ERM has the scientific, regulatory and industry-specific knowledge to advise on these issues and help companies to obtain necessary approvals under both national legislation and the BPR. read more >>

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ReachCentrum Consortium/ SIEF leadership Team support helps you find the best way to organize the registration of multiple dossiers in the same group, through the creation of a consortium or a SIEF Leadership Team (SLT), depending on the number of companies involved. ReachCentrum has been involved in the setting up of more than 120 consortia or SLTs since 2006.

ReachCentrum supports the founding members and potential new consortia members in preparing their registration dossiers to submit them in time to ECHA, respecting the deadlines imposed by the legislation.

We also manage Authorisation consortia, helping companies make sure the application for authorisation is robust and can be submitted on time.

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